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Grievance Policy

The center strives to provide quality care and achieve patient satisfaction. Patient grievances or complaints provide a means to measure achievement of this goal and to identify need for performance improvement. Patients shall be provided with a means to register a complaint concerning any aspect of the service/care provided by the center.
Each patient shall receive an email with a patient questionnaire upon discharge: giving him/her an opportunity to evaluate his/her care.

Any patient may express his/her concerns through the said questionnaire, or by a simple informal complaint. Such a complaint may be registered by telephone, in writing or in person to any member of the center staff. All complaints received by center personnel shall be forwarded to the Clinical Director or his/her designee the same day.
The Administrator and Director of Nursing will attempt to address and resolve the concern by telephone or in person within three (7) days.

If subsequent to this contact by the center, the patient continues to have a concern, the patient may submit the complaint or grievance in writing to the Medical Director. The Medical Director will consider the submitted grievance and may request additional information or documentation.

Once the collection of relevant information for the grievance is determined to be complete, the Medical Director will respond to the grievance in writing within thirty (30) days. If the Medical Director is not able to make a determination within this thirty (30) day period, he/she will notify the patient in writing regarding the status of his/her grievance.

Advanced Directives Policy

Because of the elective nature of your procedure, The Surgery Center of Amarillo, LLC does not honor advance directives. If you have an advanced directive, we will put that in your chart and in an emergency it will be transferred with you to the hospital. If you have questions about this policy please feel free to call the center to ask.

Disclosure of Ownership

The Surgery Center of Amarillo, LLC is a Limited Liability Corporation (LLC) which is owned by Bleu Schniederjan MD, Bo Neichoy MD, Wayne S. Paullus, MD,
David G. McNeir, MD, Mark A. Gerig, DPM, Brian E. Sicher, DPM, Brian J. Haseloff, MD, Lisa K. Longhofer, MD, Tyler N. Cooper, MD, C. Anne Doughtie, MD, and Prakash K. Desai, MD.

You have the right to choose an alternative source of service. Please contact your surgeon to obtain a list of sites where he has privileges to practice.

The Surgery Center of Amarillo, LLC

Administrator (806) 418-8840
Michael Grant
1010 S Coulter
Amarillo Texas, 79106
Phone: (806) 418-8870 ext 200
Fax: (806) 418-6684

Division of Quality Assurance Compliant Resources

DQA/Bureau of Health Services
Phone: (800) 642-6552

Office of the Medicare Beneficiary Ombudsman


Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS)

Phone: (800) 633-4227
Division of Laboratory Services (CLIA)
Phone: (877) 267-2323 ext. 63531



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